Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】

Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】


レスポールスタジオ エボニー


Les Paul Studio

Epiphone's long and rich history with legendary guitarist and innovator Les Paul dates back to the early 1940's when Les, working late at night at the Epiphone factory on 14th St. in New York City, created the world's first solid body electric guitar, better known as "The Log." Over the years, Les continued to work closely with Epiphone luthiers reviewing new product ideagenerations when he encouraged friend and innovator Ted McCarty to rescue and Epiphone and bring the company into the Gibson family of instruments. “Epiphone always made a good guitar,” Les liked to say fondly.

The Les Paul Studio was an important innovation of Les Paul’s classic dream guitar. As the name implies, the Les Paul Studio was intended for studio musicians who desired a basic, unadorned Les Paul that weighed less than standard models. Introduced in the early ‘80s, the Les Paul Studio instantly became a favorite for Les Paul lovers of all ages. The Epiphone Les Paul Studio offers Les Paul fans a classic favorite that has lost none of its bite and can easily take on Les Pauls from any era.

Like every Epiphone, the Epiphone Les Paul Studio features our Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by world famous 24/7/365 Gibson Customer Service. Visit your favorite Authorized Epiphone Dealer today and check out the legendary Les Paul Studio.


Classic Les Paul Features

The Epiphone Les Paul Studio features a solid mahogany body and delivers the classic tone and sustain that can only come from a "real" Les Paul. Like all Epiphone Les Pauls, the Epiphone Les Paul Studio features a 14 degree headstock that gives you more pressure at the nut for more sustain and less tuning hang-ups caused by "string-tree" gadgets. A rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays complete the classic Les Paul Studio look. A hand- set mahogany neck delivers outstanding string-to-body resonance while medium-jumbo frets add to the smooth and sustained tone.

Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】


Alnico Humbuckers and the Les Paul Sound

A pair of open Alnico Classic Humbucker Pickups deliver a vintage vibe with rich warm tone gives you that legendary Les Paul Studio sound. When winding our humbuckers, Epiphone utilizes a double vacuum waxing process that ensures quiet operation, free from microphonic hum. The pickup is first placed in the specialized wax vacuuming system before the cover is placed on the unit to ensure that the wax fully penetrates to the very center of the pickup and solidifies all parts. After the cover is placed on, it's again given a second vacuum wax bath until the unit is completely saturated with wax. Epiphone uses only the highest quality parts for our pickups like ABS plastic bobbins, 1010 Cold Rolled Steel pole shoes and pole screws, Alnico magnets and the finest magnet wire available.

Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】


Legendary Epiphone Hardware

The Epiphone Les Paul Studio features our legendary rock solid hardware including our locking Tune-o-matic(TM)/StopBar fully adjustable bridge which remains a classic after 50 years. And now, our updated, patent-pending design auto locks the bridge and tailpiece in place with no tools needed for improved sustain! The Epiphone Les Paul Studio uses 1" diameter potentiometers for better "throw", longer life, and reliable service. Our all-metal toggle switches use rugged spring-steel contacts to ensure years of reliable service and performance. Epiphone’s proprietary output jack features an improved contact shape and heavy-duty spring steel to increase reliability and all our Les Paul Studios include Grover(R) machine heads on our tuners for stability and long life.

Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】


指板ローズウッド(パーロイド・ドット インレイ)
ピックアップアルニコ・クラシック・ハムバッカー (オープン・コイル)

Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】
Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】
Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】【送料無料】

Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】

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Epiphone Les Paul STUDIO Ebony エレキギター【海外限定】
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